CSS 3302_01 – Comprehensive Essay Exam #1

Fall 2020


Comprehensive Essay Exam 1 will consist of 4 essay questions and prompts. Answer all 4. You must turn your Exam in by Monday, September 28 before 10 am to the Turnitin link under the Assignments tab on our Canvas page. You are expected to synthesize and integrate your responses with the course material, including our textbook, PowerPoints, recorded lectures, video clips, and your notes. This is open note, but you are expected to work alone and not (unethically) collaborate with any of your classmates. Your exam will be run through the Turnitin assessment software to detect for plagiarism. No make-ups will be given. No late work accepted, even for technological, automobile, health, family, and work issues. Anything turned in after the deadline will receive a zero. Please let me know on the title page if you would like extensive qualitative feedback.

Use standard APA format: cover page (but no abstract or key words needed), APA paragraph style, Times New Roman font, 12-point size, double space, black ink, one-inch margins, reference page at the end of the document. You will turn in one document with all your answers on it. Please write the question number and question at the top of your answer. Cite your sources from our course material using APA format (both in-text and in a reference sheet), but you are not expected to do outside research.

· Clear and compelling thesis _____/10 points

· Strong support for the thesis by offering rich discussion of course principles, including

· Recorded class lectures

· PowerPoints

· Textbook readings

· Video clips _____/20 points

· Ability to show insight into the practical application required _____/10 points

· Writing mechanics _____/10 points


Total: _____/50 points




1. T/F: Language constructs political reality.

2. Define and apply the following three terms: rhetoricdiscourse, and ideology.

3. What is your position on the debate between Socrates and the Sophists? Is rhetoric morally neutral, or is it to blame for human failures?

4. Analyze the language of McDonald’s “First Customer” commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFOYwz-1TeE Can you identify a metaphor, a narrative, a characterization, an ideograph, and/or doublespeak? How does the ad use (or misuse) language?